Monday 28 January 2008

New Year New Sites ...

So much for easing into 2008 !
There's so much work to do it's not even funny!

January sees the launch of the Polar Pools website. They install and service swimming pools in the Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex region.

The Cyberaid website has also gone live. Cyberaid provide integrated UK Payroll and Human Resources software.

The website for Clare in Suffolk has also been re-designed and re-launched and now includes video and more user interaction.

We have also been doing a lot of work for Red Dragon Darts an incredibly popular online retailer of darts. In just one day the site took over 1000 orders for darts !!!

Not only that but we have produced a video for Genzyme, newsletter for Genzyme and Brochure for Haverhill Enterprise 2000 ...